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If you have a website related to self-help, personal self-care, parenting, women, life tips, healing, self-growth, or if you simply want to promote a unique evergreen product that your audience will love, then this is the product for you!


What is The Self Renewal Toolkit?

The Self Renewal Toolkit is a special self-care bundle that even includes 3 bonus products (9 products total).


The Benefits of This Bundle:

This bundle is truly unique. Not only does it teach how to practice self-care in an action-packed world, how to find inner balance, self-renewal, and prevent burnout, but it also includes several transformational audios, great recipes for pampering and valuable tools for self-reflection…all in one place!


Here’s What Customers Get:

-Self-Care Course + Workbook

-Weekly Self-Care Template

-Emotional Self-Care Audio

-Making the Most of Your Me Time eGuide

-Healing Meditations for Self Renewal Audio

-Ideas for Self Renewal eZine


+ 3 Bonus Products ($75 value)

-Wholeness/Self Reflection Journal Prompts

-Affirmations for Wellbeing eGuide

-Soothing Relaxation Music for Healing


As An Affiliate, You Can Use This Product To:

-Build better or closer relationships with your audience and subscribers

-Provide your clients with valuable tools that they can use forever.

-Make a positive difference in the lives of others

-Promote a product that you are proud to stand behind and can even use for yourself

-Promote a product with unlimited potential

If you have any questions, you can reach me at My goal is to provide quality and long lasting value to as many people as possible, so let’s do this together!


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